The Art of Travel

Traveling is often defined as going from one place to another. To journey.

Who was the first tourist? Who wrote the first travel piece? My guess is that whoever took those first steps away from the safety of a cave or tree and return to tell about was the the first traveler and travel guide.

After many decades of traveling about I want to share my experiences and knowledge, especially in the areas of drawing and photography. As an Army Brat I had the pleasure to travel during most of my growing up years. I saw Iceland, Germany, Mexico, Guam, Hawaii and a lot of the United States. As an adult I've seen China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Panama, Venezuela, France, England, Spain, Italy, Namibia, Peru, Mongolia, Morocco, Tahiti, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and St. Pierre et Michelon.

Enjoy the travel slide shows, travel photography and travel illustrations. I'll even help you out with with ideas to make your photos better and give you ideas for planning unusual trips. Heck, I'll even suggest some places to stay and eat. I want to hear from you as well, especially from those artists in the audience.

Where to go, What to see? Decisions, decisions....!



Africa, the Dark Continent. Sounds very exotic, especially the part of dealing with wild beasts. However, there's a difference in visiting a continent and countries within a continent. Saying you went to Africa is not precise.

We traveled to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia to experience the first Total Solar Eclipse in the 21st Century in June of 2001.

Years later we once again journey to the African Continent, this time to Tanzania. Olduvai Gorge is the cradle of mankind and it is appropriate that all of us should try to make this trip to the place where mankind has its beginnings.

So now you know, if you say you've been to Africa you need to say where in the African Continent you went (it's a big continent). Just like saying, "I went to Europe." You leave the person waiting to hear, "where in Europe did you go?" Italy, France, Germany, etc.


A trip to visit family in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China. Our highlight was visiting Xi'an to see the Terra Cotta Warriors.

Another trip to China. This time it's to Shanghai to teach the teachers how to teach English.

Ah, buon giorno y'all. Another one of those un-tourist type trips.
France: 2002, 2012

Ah, le tour Eiffel. C'est magnifique. Especially during Christmas with a side trip to London - 2002

Another decade, another birthday trip for Joan, December, 2012

England Apres Paris, a short visit to Londontown for New Years.
Hawaii Another one of those, have to go for a wedding, what do we do afterwards?
Mongolia - 2107
A trip to Outer Mongolia to see the Eagle Festival and hunt with Kazakh Eagle Hunters
Peru From the Amazon to Machu Picchu. Peru's long history and incredible landscapes make it an amazing country to visit.
The World A sampler of various locations and scenes.

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