Paris, the City of Light & London Town, Christmas/New Year's Eve 2002

Join Joan as she celebrates the big one, her 50th in Paris and London. From

the steps of the Louvre along the Seine, we seem to parallel the locations of the da Vinci Code of Rober Langdon as

he tries to solve a murder that takes place at the Louvre.

Like Langdon, we began our Paris adventures along the Seine, stopping at the Louvre several times that week.

All images © 2002 Anthony Galván III
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Paris, London, France, England, Le Louvre, The British Museum. All of these places are visited during this Christmas/New Year trip. The Eiffel Tower, the Left Bank, Notre Dame, le Arc d'Triumph, London Bridge, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Chunnel, the British Museum. Harrods, the Siene, Musee d'Orsay, Pickadilly Square.

Is this where the da Vinci Code begins? N'est pa? No se?


Can you find the places that

Check out these travel photos.

All images © Anthony Galván III
Any use REQUIRES written permission