The Original Dos Gatos

La Schatze - 10/79 - 3/97

I never met a meal I didn't like!

El Schwartz - ?/74 - 7/90

I'm Black?

The Schwartz and Schatze were faithful and devoted companions for over two decades. DOS GATOS was named in their honor, beginning in 1986 as a production company in Hollywood, CA. As the years progressed, DOS GATOS took on a range of assignments, but, the spirit of Schwartz and Schatze prevailed.

Schwartz's departure to that big scratchng post in the sky on July 9, 1990 was helped by knowing Schatze was here to handle things. But, Schatze's sudden and unanticipated departure to that big litter box in the sky on Good Friday, 1997 sadden us as an era came to past.

The spirit of DOS GATOS, however, continues with Callie, Mowgli, Ebony, and Edgar (Dos Gatos IV), who benefitted from Schatze's wisdom and knowledge.

And so the legend continues as the Krazy Katz or DOS GATOS as we are known, continue to scratch on expensive furniture and clothes; consider all prime flower beds ours; and, do what we want to do because we're K A T Z !

Driving Katz

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