Rain on Saturday, Sunday we explore


Dagang's main street still wet on Sunday morning.

When you have lemons make Lemon Pie. Sunday started out wet but soon the clouds thinned out and the rain stopped. Our group decided to go to Zhenjiang
to do some sightseeing. One taxi ride and 81 RMBs later we were in Zhenjiang. The group toured Peral Buck's house while I sketched. From the house we
proceed to "Old Town Zhenjiang" which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.
In Zhenjiang things were drier. This cat found a nice place to nap on a motor scooter.

This man was out walking with his daughter.

Vendors on the street were selling their wares.

This seamtress was making a dress with a foot powered sewing machine.


The old town has a European flair to it with a touch of China, The brick and stone work is very much an indication of western influence as
the city was developed along the banks of the Yangtze River.

This cat surveys its kingdom while a watch cat in training waits below.

The usual suspects.

A photo shoot added to the trip.

A typical home front in the village.

Sunday shoppers hit the streets on bicycles, modpeds and anything with two or three wheels.

Parking is at a premium, even for two-wheelers.

Our brief excursion gave us a rest from our hotel rooms and prepared us for the final week of training. Tomorrow it would

be back to the classroom.

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