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Credit: National Museum of American History
DOS GATOS Communications licenses images for use in publications, online distribution, multimedia titles and other electronic formats. Images are available for "non-exclusive use" or "one-time use" licensing, or for exhibition print (decorations/wall hangers) purchase. Fees are negotiated based on the intended use, and will vary with the type of license, the circulation/print run of printed material, or in the case of prints, the size and mounting of the exhibition print ordered and its intended use.
Exclusive licensing is also available, e-mail us at 2gatos@dosgatos.com for specifics and costs regarding exclusive use costs.

Special Photo Requests

Need an image for a topic not listed on our subject category list? Contact us for more information. We may have it on file or can assist you to obtain that image at a competitive cost.


Prints are available for non-commercial display purposes.

Online Use and Distribution

A DOS GATOS image can be licensed for online use (on the web) for as little as $125 per year per image. Our pricing structure offers affordable image licensing for personal and commercial websites. Contact us for more specific details and costs.

Detailed list of categories and subjects.

Natural History / Scientific Illustration Samples

 For specific media needs contact us at 2gatos@dosgatos.com


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