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These are links to people and resources who have assisted me in various ways towards becoming an astrophotographer. A visit to these mentors helps me say thank you to their knowledge and generosity. ((listed in alphabetical order for the sake of convention)

Fellow Astro Photographers

Stefan Beck - Stefan's images taken with a six inch reflector convinced me the little C6 is the scope that could.

Bob Fera - Bob was responsible for helping get my ST-4 back in gear on night on Mt. Pinos. Without his assitance I think I'd still be taking pictures of the moon.

Ken Fields - I introduced myself to Ken after reading an article about his observatory in Sky & Telescope. He is a gracious host. While visiting Three Rivers, CA he invited my wife and I to dinner over a Christmas break and introduced me to his observatory in the Sequoia National Park area. What a treat! Ken's work is incredible and his generosity is equally large.

Marty Germano - What can I say about Marty's work, it's quintessential. He took the time to explain drift alignment and more. Together we explored the realm of the ST-4. on Mt. Pinos, which was not without some pitfalls.

Tony Hallas - Tony's been generous with information about film and hypering. Subjects which are not in my vocabulary. His images speak for themselves.

Mark Holbrook - Mark is one of my fellow "Camino Cielo Dark Sky Buddies." Watching him move those pixels on his Fastar leaves me in a dark frame.

Sid Leach - Sid's contributions to understanding the ST-4 allowed me to produce something on film. Sid's now in Arizona, good to hear from him! That was a start!

Chuck and Pat McParlin - The MacPartlin's enjoy the stars and keep our AU group in line. With Guido MacPartlin's big stick nothing would get done at a meeting.

Dean Mars - Video imager from Santa Barbara.

Wil Milan - Wil was the first person to respond to my queries about astrophotography on the net. We've never met but his comments have helped me produce images in focus with round stars.

Michael Stecker - I wish Michael would create a website, he has some incredible images. His help on Mt. Pinos helped me get the ST-4 in focus.

Brian Webb - Brian's site and postings keep me informed of what's going on at the launch down the road. His radio broadcasts let me know when the bird has left the pad, on time or not.

Paul Winn - Another Camino Cielo astrophotographer from Santa Barbara.

The Bed and Breakfast Places we like!

New Mexico Skies - Nestled above the desert of White Sands, New Mexico is New Mexico Skies. Mike and Lynn Rice will make your stay enjoyable and productive, even if the weather is unpredictable!

Observer's Inn - a few mile south and east of Mt. Palomar is Observer's Inn. Mike and Caroline Leigh have created a wonderful place to view the stars, smell the pines and relax!

Astronomy Resources

Astronomy-hq Resource Directory - All you want to know about astronomy and related topics and equipment.

The SB Astronomical Unit - This is our humble but fun-oriented astronomical club in Santa Barbara, CA.

Astronomy Magazine - a well known trade catering to those who like to stay up all night.

Night Sky This Week - stay current with tonight's ramblings!

Rawhide - The Vandenberg Launch schedule is available here.

Sky & Telescope - Another one of those publications for insomniacs.

Ventura Astronomical Society - Just down the road, the VAS is where folks like Germano, Hallas, Fera and others hang their hats.

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