Modified Minuteman II/Pegasus XL, Vandenberg AFB, CA

January 26, 2000, 19:03 PDT

Exposure: 15 seconds, f/3.5
Film: Fujicolor 100 color print
Lens: Tamaron 28mm-200mm .
Location: Winchester Canyon Road, Goleta, CA.

Orbital Suborbital Program Space Launch Vehicle

The first launch from the privately built Spacesport System International launch pad. The rocket, known as Minotaur, is a hybrid rocket using a Minuteman II ICBM for the first two stages and an.; Orbital Sciences Corp. Pegasus XL the last two stages.

The launch was on time and ten minutes after launch the booster reappeared on the horizon over 1,370 miles away and 460 miles high.

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