Supernova 1998s

These two images of SN1998s were taken during my "training" sessions with a C8 and ST-4 autoguider. I am in the learning stages of astrophotography and have been working on aligning a mount, finding suitable objects, focusing the camera and setting up the ST-4 guider. I have made numerous mistakes so far and know I will make more mistakes along the way.

This image is the second succesful image I've taken within two weeks where I feel alignment and focus were acceptable. I decided to see if I could get an image of SN 1998s using a piggy-backed 600mm f/8 Sigma mirror lens. I am working with black & white film because I can process the film immediately and see whether I was succesful or not. My darkroom consists of a changing bag, a 35mm developing reel and chemistry. The negative was scanned using a Nikon Cool Scanner.

The black and white image shows a wider field while the negative image provides a better view of NGC 3877 and SN1998s.

Extreme magnification of NGC 3877 and SN1998s on film.

Wider view of NGC 3877 and SN1998s.

Film: T-Max 400, processed in HC-110, sol. B.
Exposure: 20 minutes
Lens: Sigma 600mm f/8 mirror lens
Mount: C8 on Losmandy GM8 w/ ST-4 autoguider
Date/Time:April 19, 1998, 09:30 UT
Location: Goleta, CA

Comments and tips are welcomed, Tony Galván