The AU goes to Big Bear!

32nd Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

May 26-29, 2000 - Big Bear, California

Left to right: Tony Galván, Edgar Ocampo, Br. Laurence Harms, Wayne Rothermich, Warren Bitters, Chuck McPartlin, and Joe Doyle.

Photos by Anthony Galván III, Chuck McPartlin, and Laurence Harms


Joe Doyle's 12 inch dobsonian.


Joe Doyle and Edgar Ocampo take a break.


Scorpius rising over the telescope field.


The AU group portrait.


A very special solor scope.


Tony and Laurence resting outside the Callie Coach.

2000 Anthony Galván III, Chuck McPartlin, or Laurence Harms

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Scorpius rising over the camping/telescope field.
Joe Doyle's resurrected 12 inch reflector getting ready for a busy night.

Barndoor photo by Tony Galván.