Great Moments in Astrophotography

You too can be an astrophotographer, spend lots of money on equipment, and, still experience the heart break of bad weather, unwanted meteor and satellite intrusions, and the agony of forgetfulness.

Anyone who has and is still taking astrophotographs knows what all this is about.

Here are few of my favorites. Come back ocassionally, I know I'll be adding to the collection.


- (C6) out of focus and not centered. Instead of using a focusing mask I got lazy and thought my eyes would do a better job, N O T!


- (C8) didn't advance the film far enough before making the exposuure. Framing is off as well.


- (C6) perfect focus and tracking, too bad I didn't center it in the frame!


- (C6) another perfect track, 40 minutes! Stars are round, no trailing. Too bad I didn't use the focus mask again!


- (C6) tracking is good, 30 minutes, but I guess I forgot to tighten down the RA clutch. Geez, somebody must have loosen it while I wasn't looking.


- (C8) my favorite. The ST-4 must have been watching the X-Files plus I didn't advance the film enough before begining my exposures.

All images, regardless of quality, are still © 1998 Anthony Galván III.

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