M4 Globular cluster

Globular cluster in Scorpius
RA: 16h 22m
DEC: -26º 27´
Mag: 6.4

Scope/lens: C6 f/5
Mount: GM 8
Guiding: ST-4 autoguider
Guidescope: 80mm refractor (400mm-f/5)

Film: Hypered Kodak PPF
Exposure: 25 minutes

Location: Julian , CA (backyard)
Date: 6/11/99

Antares, Scorpius' red star belly-button is an excellent guidepost to M4, a close cluster only 14,000 light years distance.

A weekend celebrating my seventh anniversary at the Observer's Inn in Julian, CA provided clear and dark skys to obtain several images over a restful and fun-filled weekend.

M4 fills the same telescopic field as M13, yet lacking a dense central concentration, it appears smaller than M13.

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