M101 Spiral Galaxy

Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
RA: 14h 02m
DEC: +54º 27´
Mag: 9.6

Scope/lens: Meade 16 in. SCT
Mount: Meade LX200
CCD camera: SBIG ST-7
Exposure: 300 seconds

Location: Cloudcroft, NM
Date: 5/30/99

M 101 is not much of a sight on a clear night with the average scope and a long-exposure film image will render the loose arm spiral galaxy as the classical celestial face-on spiral galaxy.

However, under the Blue Moon of May 30, 1999 I attempted my first ccd imaging at New Mexico Skies in Cloudcroft, NM and came back with this image. Despite shooting between breaks in the clouds and a moon that was bright enough to read by, the ccd camera live up to its reputation of seeing what the human eye can't.

Lynn and Mike Rice of New Mexico Skies were not only gracious hosts but well versed in getting a novice ccd user like me to come back with more than an empty Zip drive.

This experience has changed my mind about ccd imaging to the point that I'll be using my humble ST-4 to learn more about this fantastic instrument.

© 1999 Anthony Galván III
All rights reserved. Any use without written permission is prohibited.