Comet Linear (c/1999 S4)

Comet Linear (c/1999 S4)
RA: Underneath Ursa Majro
DEC: the same
Mag: -4

Scope/lens: 200mm f/4 reflector
Mount: GM 11
Film: Fuji Color 800
Exposure: 5 minutes, unguided

Location: Camino Cielo Road, Santa Barbara County, CA
Date: July 22, 2000

July 22nd was tauted as the peak brightness for Comet LINEAR. However, as is the case along the Central Coast of California, haze, rain, or a marine layer will always get in the way.

This night was no exception. A forest fire in the northern part of the county contributed a haze layer which never did clear up.

LINEAR is a fast moving comet. The image above is an unguided exposure. You can see how much the comet moved in five minutes. The image below was guided on the comet's head; an unsuccesful attempt, though.

Compared to Hale-Bopp this comet was "truckin!"

Unsuccesful attempt to guide on the comet with a ST-4 autoguider. Five minute exposure using Fuji Color 800 film



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