B 33 The Horse Head Nebula

Obscuring nebula in Orion w/ NGC 2023
RA: 05h 39m
DEC: -02º 32´
Mag: Faint

Scope/lens: C8 SCT f/6.3
Mount: GM 8
Guiding: ST-4 autoguider
Guidescope: 80mm refractor (400mm-f/5)

Film: Fujicolor HG 800
Exposure: 45 minutes

Location: Goleta, CA (backyard)
Date: 1/13/99

Conventional wisdom does not recommend using a guidescope with a SCT. If, however, you have the scope balanced properly, have a clear night and little dew a guidescope coupled to a SCT will produce decent images. The bright area below the Horse Head is NGC 2023, a gaseous region illuminated by a central star.

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