M20 The Trifid Nebula

Diffuse nebula in Sagittarius
RA: 18h 01m
DEC: -23º 02´
Mag: 9.0

Scope/lens: Celestron C6 (reflector)
(750mm f/5)
Mount: GM 8
Guiding: ST-4 autoguider
Guidescope: 80mm refractor

Film: Kodak PPF hypered
Exposure: 30 minutes

Location: Julian, CA
Date: 6/11/99

On a dark night one may be able to detect the obsure dark dust lanes in the Trifid Nebula.. The blue portion is a reflection nebula while the reddish region is the product of a giant binary multiple star grouping.

From the Observers Inn in Julian, CA this region of Sagittarius is so vivid binoculars are all you need to enjoy this, one of the riches regions in the summer sky for clusters and nebulae.

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