M17 The Swan Nebula

Diffuse nebula in Sagittarius
RA: 18h 21m
DEC: -16º 12´
Mag: 7.0

Scope/lens: Celestron C6 (reflector)
(750mm f/5)
Mount: GM 8
Guiding: ST-4 autoguider
Guidescope: 80mm refractor
(400mm f/5)

Film: Kodak PPF hypered
Exposure: 30 minutes

Location: Julian, CA
Date: 6/11/99

When compared to M16, The Eagle Nebula, M17 is a similar area of ionized hydrogen gas activated by hot stars within a very close region.

This diffused nebula goes by many names; the Swan, the Omega and the Horseshoe.

Closer then M16, the Swan nebula suggests this is a region of new star formations. However, from the dark skys of the Observer's Inn, the Swam is easy to see with binoculars and small scopes.

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