Minute Man III Launch, Vandenberg AFB, CA

June 24, 1998, 0105 PDT

All images © 1998 Anthony Galván III

Exposure: 10 seconds
Film:Fuji 400 Super G
Lens: Tamaron 28mm-200mm f/3.5 at 28mm.
Location: Goleta, CA, 42 miles ESE of launch point.

This early morning launch was part of a two rocket test. I was unable to photograph the second launch. However, closer inspection of the rocket trail from this launch shows separation of the first stage and its trajectory from the strobe light on the stage.

lst stage path is seen after burn-out.

Close up of first stage drop path from strobe light pattern.

All images © 1998, Anthony Galván III. Any use without written permission is strictly prohibited.

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