M7 Open Cluster

Open cluster in Scorpius
RA: 17h 53m
DEC: -34º 49´

Scope/lens: 200mm f/4 reflector
Mount: GM 11
Guiding: ST-4 autoguider
Guidescope: 80mm refractor (400mm-f/5)

Film: Fuji Color 800
Exposure: 20 minutes

Location: Reyes Peak, Los Padres National Forest, Ventura County, CA
Date: 8/26/2000

M7, often referred to as Ptolemy's Cluster resides next to M6, another well observerd open cluster in star-rich Scorpius.

Very bright, and easily seen even from urban areas. The cluster contains a rich central area containing a prominent cross shape is surrounded by a looser sprinkling of stars in a witch's hat configuration.

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