M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy

Sc galaxy in Canes Venatici & NGC 5194
RA: 13h 29m
DEC: +47º 18´
Mag: 8.1

Scope/lens: 200mm f/4 reflector
Mount: GM 11
Film: Fuji Color 800
Exposure: 20 minutes

Location: Camino Cielo Rd., Santa Barbara County, CA
Date: 7/22/2000

This classic face-on galaxy with its companion galaxy NGC 5195 are the text-book "deep sky" objects everyone is expects to see in the night-time sky.

Here's a classic Blooper for you APML folks. Note the sharp image of the galaxy and the rectangular tracking on the bright stars in the field of view. This particular evening was not good for astrophotography. A forest fire in the area contributed to high haze which played havoc with the ST-4 autoguider, as seen here.

Yet, despite the poor seeing, the galaxy was imaged with little apparent elongation from the poor tracking and seeing.

For you ST-4, this is when you need to set Scintillation to 10, not 0 or 5.

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