Mowana Lodge, Kasane, Botswana

June 16th - Afternoon

What a morning! Yes, we woke up early and beat the crowd to breakfast, the boats and jeeps, but it was still incredible.

The morning river cruise leaves us shaking. What more can there be? It's only the first day!

After a soothing and filling lunch we prepare for an afternoon game drive.

The destination? Chobe National Park. Just a hop, skip, and jump from the lodge.

We get into our land cruisers and off we go. Chobe National Park is the next stop. What will we see? No telling. After all, I think we've seen so much up to now. As we enter the park it strikes us, "this sure does look like the San Diego Wildlife Park." In fact, the San Diego park looks like it was patterned after this valley.

Driving down a gentle hillside I think about the monorail ride in San Diego. Sure does look familiar. It's getting close to sunset and up ahead we see a water hole off to our left. Nothing in there, or is there? As we get closer we see more than mud and water. A couple of Marabou Storks have staked out the hole for the evening.

It's getting dark and you know what that means. Want to be part of the food chain?

Looking out over the river we see the hippos hauling out for the night. Birds are looking for a night's roost and the predators are just waking up.


The Evening Game Drive, Chobe National Park, June 16, 2001

Not as exciting as the first day on the river, but we were on our way to the Big 5! af

Well, the night is still young. After all the day's excitment I decide I should go out and take a look at that "Southern Hemisphere" sky.After all, I found that the ecliptic had gotten behind me while I was sitting in the 747 for many hours. So, the first real night below the equator I decided to do a simple time exposure. 60 seconds with my infamous portable barndoor mount and this is the result, the Southern Cross and environs.

The Southern Cross, can you find it?

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