Tloma Lodge

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So, once again, on the road again

We arrived at Tloma Lodge in the middle of the afternoon. The trip itself was uneventful but the elevation gain was significant. From the time we left the Maasai village and the lake we had climbed along the Ngorongoro escarpment over 3,000 feet. Driving through the village of Karatu we stopped at a wood carver's shop. It was a brief stop and then on
to Tloma Lodge. Compared to the Lake Buruge Tent Camp the lodge was 7th heaven?

This was a good place to spend the night. The ceilings were high and floors were low. The beer was cold and food was delicious!

Veronica, the chef, made sure we were comfortable and well fed.

Here is Veronica with Anglerbert, our trip leader, at breakfast.

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

My impression of Tloma Lodge from the deck overlooking the swimming pool. Many of us thought of the Big Island in Hawaii.
At one time the lodge did grow coffee, so we weren't that far off.

Dinner was a great to do and then it was time to retire. Tomorrow we would make our way to Ngorongoro Crater. The rain came around 1:00 am and
did not let up until morning. Fortunately for us, the next day was a great day! We would head for Ngorongoro Crater and all points below 6000 feet above sea level.

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